5th Density Soul Orgone Energy Talismans are specially designed for energy Balancing / Activation of your Energy field, Emfs, 5G Protection & many other uses... 5thD energy Pendants are made of a mixture of Polyester Resin, Metals & Crystals. The resin shrinks while curing causing a Piezoelectric effect within the crystalline structure, thus creating a highly energetic Amulets. The Metals attract & reflect the E.M.F.’s (wifi, cellphones, electronics) Restructuring the unbalanced radiation into a more aligned state, helping maintain Balance in You & Your environment. Each Orgone Jewel is made up of a special Crystal Energy Blend of Harmonic Minerals & Metals. Each combination of Elements works together to boost each other creating a powerful Talisman. All original sacred geometric vector designs are Laser cut into leather at Constant Creation Studios with Love! Original Artwork by Clay Chollar (c)2019


Our Process:

Each 5thD Piece is handmade with love and healing Intentions in a multiple step process. The First step is to create a Symbiotic Crystal & Mineral blend to fully activate the Talisman. Then I Cast the resin Orgone Gem into Custom Molds some of which are made from hand sculpted & 3d Printed designs. While Casting the Orgone Gems, I keep my Vibes harmonious and set Positive Intentions into each piece. Every sacred geometric vector design is original and is lasercut in house at Constant Creation studios. Then the pieces are formed and finished adding all the hardware getting them ready to be activated by that special person.

Scarab Circuit 3 yellow Calcite

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